Privacy Policy - Magistrates Recruitment

Privacy Policy

All information that we hold concerning you will be held and processed by The Ministry of Justice and related bodies strictly in accordance with the provisions of the current Data Protection Legislation, comprising the UK General Data Protection Regulation UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Such data will be used by Ministry of Justice to administer the Recruitment Campaign.  The Ministry of Justice will not supply any information you have passed to us to any third parties without your consent except where (1) such transfer is a necessary part of the activities we undertake, or (2) we are required to do so by operation of law.

You are able to see how we use your data here: DATA PRIVACY NOTICE – Magistrates Recruitment (  

Within the Job Application Portal, there is a facility to save your draft application, to assist you in completion and review of the document prior to submission. In the DRAFT status, you are the only user who has access to the document. Should you decide not to submit this draft application the document will be automatically deleted from the Portal, after the closure of the vacancy.

Whether successful in obtaining a position or not, we would be very interested in your personal experience of our recruitment process and may seek your views to constantly review and improve this service.  If you are willing to take part in research relating to the recruitment process you will be asked to confirm this when completing your application.  This consent will be valid for 12 months, after which you would not be contacted regarding this application.

As an individual, you have a right under the Data Protection Act to obtain information from us, including a description of the data that we hold on you. Should you have any queries concerning this right, please email Ministry of Justice at [email protected]