London Criminal Magistrates (All LJAs) Oct-Nov 23 - Magistrates Recruitment

London Criminal Magistrates (All LJAs) Oct-Nov 23

Closing Date:

01 Dec 2023

Vacancy Details

The London Advisory Committee is now welcoming applications from persons seeking appointment as Criminal Court magistrates in all of London’s nine Local Justice Areas (LJAs). Please note that the South West London LJA will only be accepting a limited number of applications in this recruitment round. The other eight LJAs are not capped.

Persons considering applying to become a magistrate in South West London are strongly advised to open the application form, select ‘London’ as the area of interest, and check that SW London is ‘OPEN’ on the list of LJAs, before proceeding. If it shows ‘CLOSED’, this will be due to the application limit being reached, and you are advised to defer your application to a future campaign or apply to an alternative LJA close to where you live/work. To note, the South London LJA (covering the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Sutton and Croydon, with a single courthouse at Croydon) is in particular need of magistrates at this current time.

Before beginning an application, ensure you have read the application guidance which can be found on the following pages: How to Volunteer and Frequently Asked Questions. You may find it helpful to have both pages available whilst completing the application.

Please ensure you have completed two court observations in the past 12 months before you apply for this role.

Magistrates will be selected and appointed solely on merit.

Applications are welcome from anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for appointment and who believes they have the necessary qualities. Applications are particularly welcome from members of groups currently under-represented amongst the magistracy. That includes members of Black and Minority Ethnic communities, people under the age of 50, people from non-managerial or professional occupations, and people with a disability who are able, either unassisted or with reasonable adjustments, to carry out the full range of a magistrate’s duties.

Completion of the diversity monitoring form is mandatory. This information will not be considered as part of the application which is assessed solely on merit.

If you have any questions, please contact the support team at [email protected] .

Please click “Start Now” to confirm that you have read the guidance and to start your application form.

Please note applications close at 23:59 1st December 2023.